World Oceans Day
02/02/11 2:45pm
By: Linda Bean

Click on 2011 events, click on USA, and you will see what Fishers Island is doing on that day.

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Other News for 'FIS Students'
The 5th and 6th grade will complete their songwriting workshop. Feb 28,  World famous Bubbleologist, Casey Cale, aka BUBBLEMANIA will give an after school and community performance of "Science, Art and Comedy." He will give workshops to... more
Professional storytellers, songwriters and musicians Tom Callinan and Ann Shapiro of CRACKERBARREL will be in residence at FI SCHOOL. together they play over 50 different instruments! An all school performance "American History Through Story... more
Antonio Rocha, Brazilian mime, multicultural storyteller and children's author will in school, working with elementary and high school students. An after school MIME workshop will be... more